Brothers and Sisters

My husband is a pastor; I am a pastor’s wife.

My daughter is a three-week missionary to Africa, and guess who the Lord has entrusted my daughter too?

Pastors. And pastors’ wives.

I should be afraid that my daughter is in one of the deepest, darkest places in the world. Yet, by His incredible design, God orchestrated events so that, every step of the way, my baby and the Dobsons are being escorted by pastors and their families.

The Lord is so kind.

When I told my friend Angela about a pastor named Innocent who our team was going to spend time with, she said, “Innocent? I know a pastor named Innocent in Uganda! I wonder if it could be the same one?” “Well,” I responded, “this Innocent and his wife just had a new baby last month.” “That’s the one!” Angela gushed, then she pulled out her phone and showed me a picture of her family posing with Innocent last Christmas. He was their neighbor for a year, interning with Compassion International as a graduate leader. I had no idea of that when we made plans for Team Dobson-Williams to serve with Innocent, but God already had it all figured out. He gave my heart a place to rest and trust, because He is the ultimate travel planner, making connections that far surpass our human abilities and plans.

In that moment with Angela in my kitchen, the Lord made this a very small world.

Now, the pictures are beginning to come to us from Africa. Pictures of men and women, our spiritual brothers and sisters, who have opened their hearts and homes to Team Dobson-Williams. These people love God and, without skipping a beat, they love my daughter and the Dobsons, too. I find that incredible.

So, you ask me, how can you send your daughter to Africa at the age of 14?

I can send her because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is in this. And, as we have taken steps of faith, He has given us blessing after blessing. These pastors are friends of friends. Now they are my daughter’s friends.

And ministry in the Name of the Father unites us all.

I love that!


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