The Power of Love

“Teacher,” he declared, “all these I have kept since I was a boy.” Jesus looked at him and loved him. (Mark 10:20 NIV)

As the self-righteous words poured from the rich man’s mouth, Jesus looked at him and loved him. Even though the man declared impossible perfection, Jesus loved him simply because he was a creation of God the Father. Jesus’ example in this has had a huge impact on me while I am in Africa this month.Many times while we have been here in Uganda, we have had the opportunity to love people who have lied or been unkind to us, because this is the example Jesus set for all Christians.

We have had many people who have asked is for money as well on this trip. Instead of giving money, we have decided to offer a meal and many have accepted. Even when people try to take advantage of us, we love because Jesus called us to do so. In Matthew, Jesus talks about the importance of feeding the hungry. We pray He is able to use our plates of rice and chicken or beans to show how much He loves the people we meet in Uganda.

Recently, I met a new missionary friend named Sarah. When she accompanied us to our mission work site for the day, I loved watching her interact with the children. “I love you,” she would declare to them, and their faces would glow with the new knowledge that someone in this world actually truly loves them.

Such a simple phrase, yet it hadn’t occurred to me the power of those 3 words. Those three words can change the course of a lifetime and show much value to people who feel worthless. Without knowing all the bad choices that they had made in their lives and all their imperfections, Sarah does love these children and openly voices this love. That makes all the difference to them.

Sarah inspires me to follow the example that Jesus set for us to love one another. Jesus sees past all of our flaws, into our hearts, and He loves is in the midst of our sin. What a blessing it is for us to be able to share His love because He first loved us.


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