Potty Eyes

Motherhood is a crazy life! I recently got this text from a friend, and it made me laugh out loud. I asked her if I could share her little story with you, and, with a smile she said, “Of course. I like to give back.” 🙂 Here’s what she wrote:

Tosha, this is something hilarious that I thought would give you good laugh this morning, because I like to entertain you. I had some eye makeup remover wipes that I clean my eyes with. I used one this morning on my face, but I also used one to clean off the toilet. That was a few hours ago so I forgot about it.

But then, I got out of the shower just now and realized I still had mascara under my eyes. So I looked in the top of trash because I don’t like to waste things. I grabbed the wipe sitting on top and started wiping clean my eyes with it…until I realized there was no make up on it. I looked back in the trash, and there was my wipe with the makeup I was using earlier.

So, I have potty eyes this morning; I used the toilet wipe to clean my eyes and that’s how I rock ‘n roll.

Oh yes, we all have those days! It’s either laugh or cry…and how much better to share a laugh with another Journey Girl along the way!


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