BIBLE 101: Scripture, Suburban Style

Some wonderful women I know home school.

Then there’s me:  I car school.

And, thank God, while driving in circles is my life, it is also becoming my legacy.

You see, I’ve always prayed with my children when we drive. We’ve prayed for their school days; we’ve prayed for friends and family and pets and pianos. We’ve probably prayed for you sometime along the way, too.

But, last year, I decided that the kids and I were going to something more as we ride along. I proposed that we work on Scripture memory every day on the way to school. Fifty-two weeks later, we had memorized over 30 Scripture passages. Those morning commutes were well spent, for sure!

This year, we are reviewing last year’s verses, to make sure they are stuck in our brains. We drive along, saying the verses, seeking to remember the references and right wording. All the kids, from oldest to youngest, participate.

The amazing thing is that the kids really remember what we learned! And, what’s more, I do, too! But that’s not the end of it. This Scripture, Suburban style, launches the best conversations about theology. We have talked about who God is, who Jesus and the Holy Spirit are, what the Trinity is, and so on. I certainly don’t know all the answers to their questions, but we are finding our way, along the way, each day, as we focus on God’s Word during those precious early morning moments.

Fifteen minutes of car school education a day, Suburban style. I am becoming more and more passionate about this, and I encourage you to give it a try.

I promise that it will be worth your while. We may not be seminary professors, but we’ve got captive audiences. We Journey Girls gotta use every moment we’ve got!

So go ahead – don’t just drive your kids to school; carpool ‘em to Jesus!


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