Like Chickens and Eggs


My kids think I’ve become a crazy chicken lady.

And, maybe I am, because, to me, there’s nothing like picking up warm, freshly laid eggs, gifts bestowed by my hens. Sometimes the eggs are perfect and clean; other times, they have hay and such stuck to them. Some eggs are brown, some white, some cream or tan. However they appear, fresh eggs are always as unique as they are amazing to me. I gather them with delight, feeling something like a kid at Christmas.

My chickens are good at laying eggs; whatever their size, color or style, egg-laying is how God created them to be a blessing. And, day after day, week after week, the girls provide life-giving sustenance to my family and I.

Maybe I am becoming a crazy chicken lady because, in a funny little way deep down in my soul, my chickens remind me of the way I want to live my life. I, too, want to be a blessing to others, somehow, in some way, on a daily basis.

This fall, Vanguard Church is re-launching its women’s ministry. For the past year, the women’s leadership team has been seeking God about His direction for this ministry. Along the way, He has made it very clear that Vanguard Women are to be life givers – blessing others in Jesus’ Name somehow, in some way, on a regular basis.

While that may sound like a lofty, spiritual goal, it really is very simple. As believers in Jesus, we women are to look at our lives, see how God has uniquely created us to be a blessing, and then live that out. And just like my hens lay a unique assortment of eggs, so we women give life to others in our own unique ways.

Some of my friends are great cooks, and they have the ability to not just make meals for families in need but also teach others how to make such. Some of my friends are nurturing teachers, and they not only teach kids on a regular basis at church but they also mentor other young believers in the process along the way. Some of my life-giving friends are hospitable, and whenever I go into their homes I feel immensely blessed.

Chickens don’t have to be cows in order to be life givers. Chickens just have to be who God made them to be, and the results of their lives are delicious omelets, nutritious egg salad and amazing frittatas. Likewise, you and I don’t have to change who we are in order to make a difference in God’s Kingdom. We just have to figure out our own, unique ways that we live out the greatest two commandments:  love God and love others.

We all have multiple gifts, talents, skills and abilities that we can intentionally use to make an impact in God’s Kingdom. Our efforts aren’t always perfect and clean; sometimes our best intentions are like the occasional stuff-covered eggs in my coop.

But the sheer act of blessing others by letting Christ’s life flow through us makes all the difference in the world.

Call me crazy, but I really like that.


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