I’ve never been a math-y sort of person. I did well enough in math in school, but I just never much cared for a subject that had problems intrinsic to it. Still, lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about math. With seven people in our family – and four of those either in or entering adolescence... Continue Reading →


Where I Am Most Content

“Pleased and satisfied: not needing more.” Yawn. Merriam-Webster Dictionary believes that this defines contentedness, but I beg to differ. That definition, while true, does not even cover the full meaning of what it is like to be content. I believe that contentedness is when joy bubbles up from somewhere deep inside, like from your soul, and you... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Vanguard!

    This weekend, I weep with joy. Like a child’s conception, the dream of Vanguard was placed in Kelly’s and my heart long before she was born that March Sunday eighteen years ago. We were in our mid-twenties when God called us to come to Colorado Springs, of all places, to “plant” this church.... Continue Reading →

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