Chicken Run

Down in the barnyard are my ten chickens, some of whom I inherited from a lovely neighbor, some of which I raised from chicks. Now, chickens are not widely regarded for their intelligence or interpersonal skills. Unlike typical dogs or cats, chickens would just as soon run away from you than be petted. If you... Continue Reading →


Pray It Forward

This past Sunday, I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to just attend church with my pastor husband. Whereas, on normal Sundays, we are on the front row in every way, on this Sunday we got to sit on the back row and soak it all in. From that back row perspective, my eyes fell on a... Continue Reading →

A Three Pound Inspiration

Recently, my second-grader celebrated Immigration Day at her school. This being the fifth time our family has researched our ancestry for this day, Christianna calls this particular project “Mommy Homework.” If I had realized that the first time through, I would have worked harder to hold on to the details! ​Five second-graders later, it was... Continue Reading →

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