What I Needed to Know

My second-born awakened in Africa this morning. She got off the plane in Johannesburg, and her six-month Africa mission trip commenced.

Some look at this momma-of-a-missionary and think I’m crazy for letting Christianna go.

She only just turned 18.

She is far, far away.

She is spending not one, two, three or four, but six long months on the other side of the world.

She is in a dangerous part of the world. Snakes. Diseases. Coups and unrest.

I have wrestled through all the possibilities. Indeed, the very night Christianna started the application process for this trip, I happened to watch a television show about a missionary girl kidnapped with young girls in Africa, sold into sex trafficking then killed before being rescued. To randomly see that show, that night, made me dissolve into tears.

I know what it means, what it could mean, to let Christianna go.

But, more than knowing that, I know what it means that God is with her.

What I needed to know is that she knows that God is with her.

That’s what her Daddy and I have been teaching her from the time she was little – the miracle of Immanuel, God With Us.

We don’t get it all perfect as a family. We don’t have some hovering protection that makes us invincible from danger. We don’t a pass on the pain of this world. But we do get to experience what every Christ-follower is promised: the Present of His Presence.

Christianna is 18, off to the other side of the world, far outside my control or my presence. But she is absolutely where we raised her to be: With God.

Her blog post, written while she was in the Experience Mission training school, told me that she knows that.

And that’s all this momma of a missionary needed to know.


To read Christianna’s post, click here: Me…the WORST Missionary



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