The WORST Missionary

I am the WORST Missionary. No, for real. I am...


Called to Stand

“Class, I want you to answer a couple questions about yourself, so that all of us can hear. What is your intended major, and what do you want to do vocationally when you graduate?” my professor asks. I started attending dual enrollment community college classes during the spring semester of my freshman year in high... Continue Reading →

old places, new dreams.

Tonight, I fall asleep in the same bed I fell  in four years ago. Tonight, I reflect on the dreams I fell asleep with four years ago. Different yet the same. Old places, old memories, old callings, new dreams. The last time I fell asleep in this bed, I was preparing to embark on the... Continue Reading →

Where I Am Most Content

“Pleased and satisfied: not needing more.” Yawn. Merriam-Webster Dictionary believes that this defines contentedness, but I beg to differ. That definition, while true, does not even cover the full meaning of what it is like to be content. I believe that contentedness is when joy bubbles up from somewhere deep inside, like from your soul, and you... Continue Reading →

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