Chicken Run

Down in the barnyard are my ten chickens, some of whom I inherited from a lovely neighbor, some of which I raised from chicks. Now, chickens are not widely regarded for their intelligence or interpersonal skills. Unlike typical dogs or cats, chickens would just as soon run away from you than be petted. If you... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday Vanguard!

    This weekend, I weep with joy. Like a child’s conception, the dream of Vanguard was placed in Kelly’s and my heart long before she was born that March Sunday eighteen years ago. We were in our mid-twenties when God called us to come to Colorado Springs, of all places, to “plant” this church.... Continue Reading →

Like Chickens and Eggs

My kids think I’ve become a crazy chicken lady. And, maybe I am, because, to me, there’s nothing like picking up warm, freshly laid eggs, gifts bestowed by my hens. Sometimes the eggs are perfect and clean; other times, they have hay and such stuck to them. Some eggs are brown, some white, some cream... Continue Reading →

Cows, Come-alongs and Church

One drizzly mid-summer’s evening, after nine months of waiting, our family’s cow Big Linda went into labor. When my ever-watchful pastor farmer husband announced the big news, we jumped in the truck and drove down to see our cow bring her baby into the world. Normally, cows don’t give birth at convenient times, like in... Continue Reading →

Women of the Mirrors

Women of the mirrors, faces and fates unknown. Looks, likes and loves lost to history. Except for one thing:  their mirrors. Mirrors? Yes, mirrors. In the book of Exodus is one little verse, hidden amongst a million details about the Tabernacle. The Israelites were in the wilderness, recent escapees from Egypt. As God gave Moses instructions... Continue Reading →

Discipleship 101.1: Love

How do you make a difference in another person’s life? When I pose this question to women, the answers often pour out fairly easily:  you care for ‘em, you help ‘em, you spend time with ‘em. But of course! It is almost like the question is a no-brainer with a million possible great answers. However,... Continue Reading →

Brothers and Sisters

My husband is a pastor; I am a pastor’s wife. My daughter is a three-week missionary to Africa, and guess who the Lord has entrusted my daughter too? Pastors. And pastors’ wives. I should be afraid that my daughter is in one of the deepest, darkest places in the world. Yet, by His incredible design,... Continue Reading →

Water Resistant Markers

What difference does it make how I live if Jesus has already saved me? Have you ever struggled to answer this question? I have! “You shouldn’t sin because God says not to,” just sometimes sounds so, well, cliché. There is certainly deep truth in that, but it can be so hard to communicate, to our... Continue Reading →

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