Practicing for Africa

This morning, I dropped off my second-born at the airport. It is exciting as she goes to visit her father’s and my alma mater, Liberty University, for the weekend. Taking Christianna to the airport is nothing new. I have taken her twice before, the first time for her month-long Christmas mission trip to Uganda, the... Continue Reading →


A Three Pound Inspiration

Recently, my second-grader celebrated Immigration Day at her school. This being the fifth time our family has researched our ancestry for this day, Christianna calls this particular project “Mommy Homework.” If I had realized that the first time through, I would have worked harder to hold on to the details! ​Five second-graders later, it was... Continue Reading →


I’ve never been a math-y sort of person. I did well enough in math in school, but I just never much cared for a subject that had problems intrinsic to it. Still, lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about math. With seven people in our family – and four of those either in or entering adolescence... Continue Reading →

The Best Harvest of All

As much as I would like to tell you otherwise, my family did not have a super successful garden this year. Yes, we did harvest some purple potatoes, a few carrots and basil enough for a batch of pesto. We also managed to cultivate some monster zucchini, four tomatoes, six miniature pumpkins and three giant... Continue Reading →

Bathroom Magic

Have you ever had an ah-hah! mommy moment? You know, one of those moments when you suddenly figured out or found out a solution to something you had struggled with for years? Every glorious once in awhile, as a mother of five, I have one of those ah-hah! moments. While reading a mom-book this summer,... Continue Reading →

BIBLE 101: Scripture, Suburban Style

Some wonderful women I know home school. Then there’s me:  I car school. And, thank God, while driving in circles is my life, it is also becoming my legacy. You see, I’ve always prayed with my children when we drive. We’ve prayed for their school days; we’ve prayed for friends and family and pets and... Continue Reading →

Potty Eyes

Motherhood is a crazy life! I recently got this text from a friend, and it made me laugh out loud. I asked her if I could share her little story with you, and, with a smile she said, “Of course. I like to give back.” 🙂 Here's what she wrote: Tosha, this is something hilarious... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning Snuggles & Scripture

Early Sunday morning, before the sun streaked purple and orange through the sky, I awakened. Quickly, before I could talk myself into sleeping an extra thirty minutes, I got up and pulled on my robe. Kelly was already in his usual spot, sipping his coffee and reading his Bible. I smiled at him as I... Continue Reading →

Mothering More…

Moms do a lot of hard things, that’s for sure. The holidays can be some of the hardest seasons as a mom, as we balance responsibilities and commitments and finances and… So, in the midst of the holiday crazyness, have you ever thought about adding an orphan or two for the month? I haven’t, but... Continue Reading →

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